Wide Awake Media Limited (Ireland Company # 579489) is wholly owned and operated by an ‘awake’ family of media academics, residing in Ireland.


WAM was established to bring high end content on multiple platforms, first rate production values, and reach a broader audience than is the current ‘alternate’ media.


WAM see’s itself as a harbinger of change- as alternate media evolves into ‘The New Media’, with the wakening audience worldwide being a market force unto themselves. WAM aims to provide means to network and share information, and through these awakening channels, see positive change worldwide.


For more information, if you have a story you’d like us to air, or want to be involved in the ‘New Media Revolution’, fill in the contact form below and we’ll be straight back to you.


If you wish to contact us direct, please email Wide Awake Media Ltd 6-9 Trinity Street Dublin 2, Ireland

Co.# 579489