is excited to bring Awake Dating to the market.

The place for meeting new people in the awake, truther and spiritualist community- locally, and worldwide.

We know it’s hard to find someone who has an open mind, and is not afraid to face the truths of existence; and we all deserve a companion in this ‘reality’.

Awake Dating- the place where people ‘get’ you

Member Benefits include:

Advanced personalization and functionality

Our members can customize the theme of their profile, with premium features such as video wallpapers, video greetings

Manage your ‘wall’ with updates links, comments and interests-much like the largest social sites

Upload and link video and photos, and text or video chat with other users.

3D Awake City Chat Rooms

Awake Dating features the latest in social networking, with our 3D City.


Awake Dating 3D City is a Member Only 3D rendered discussion platform, where Members can mix and talk with other Members about topics that interest them.  All in a 3D world where you can display emotion, give and receive gifts, and interact in a Secondlife-esque rendered environment.


Members can customize their 3D avatar how they choose, extending to uploading their own photo to generate a three dimensional face, or even design their avatar as an ET in a suit!- with the 3D city providing a multitude of creative options.

Our 3D Forum Rooms are growing as we do, and now include

The Meditation Deck
A place to reflect on reality and spirituality
New Media Room
Where we’re talking what you are watching! With New ‘awake media’ played on screen
Legal View Deck
From strawman to human rights
The Bunker
Alternate living and health talk
Multi Topic Gallery
Look for your niche inside! From Archons to Zietgeist!

Providing the aware community a premium social site where they can chat, share ideas and interests, and bring these online experiences to life.

As well as the ability to freely set dates or social outings with other members, Awake Dating is looking to organize social gatherings for members in different localities over the coming year- check for updates!

“Wake up to a better tomorrow, together”