is excited to bring the next level in New Media to the market. ABC- Awake Broadcasting Corporation.

No longer ‘Alternate’, ABC is building a network of journalists, content creators, advertisers and ‘awake dynamos’, to together give the truth networks what they are sorely missing; high production value independent reporting and discussion on ‘truther’ topics.


Breaking away from books, blogs, YouTube doco’s, and ‘pirate’ or internet radio, ABC is driving the next evolution of the ‘alternate’ media, to directly compete with the ‘Maindream Media’.

Quality on the spot reporting. Insider Expose’s. Informative documentaries. And information on ethical products and services

All packaged for the online audience in a professional and responsive format.


Watch this space for further information, as ABC rolls out it’s custom made multi-camera live streaming TV studio, based in Ireland, and insightful and informative quality content daily.


Where truth is never taboo